untitled video still data painting motel black (2015)

artist statement : data paintings a series of moving-image paintings.

There are facts, and then there is meaning - - - particularly in monkeyBoy and more recent work, I am abstracting taboo content into a more accessible image or experience.

After choosing the source footage or symbols, I focus on aesthetics. Symbols and gestures arrive and depart over time. The viewer may invite narrative into the work.

I use data-destructive and data-preservative strategies in each piece. Destructive techniques include : datamoshing; exporting to still images, editing, and repackaging as video; and other code-based signal manipulation and decay strategies. Data preservation practices include professional color grading management and use of Apple ProRes 4444 codec, a data-rich video base.

Similar paradoxical audio mixing create signal distortion on samples and melodies mixed in a 64-bit environment.

Almost all* of these works alter published media recordings of other events. I access published records, mediated public memories, in two ways: I use found footage [ recordings of past events ] or I capture internet-published footage** of fiction or documentary content.

Sometimes the symbology includes private references to social or political events unfolding at the time of production. Others*** become methods of coping with realities that I can only experience via mediated information flow.

*work : particle animation created in Motion, triggered by the soundtrack. brokenAlphabet abstracts via symbolic translation my experience treating for cancer in 2016, including field recording of radiation treatment.

** Captured footage cannot literally be stolen; I re-record it. This practice echoes my teenage self tape recording broadcast media, either cassette mixtapes of radio, or video recordings from television.

*** round.up : defoliants used in the Vietnam war were invented and manufactured by the company that made the chemicals that polluted the river running through my childhood hometown