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brokenAlphabet clip 8 : joy is for fear (2016-2017)

clip 8 : clip 10 : clip 14

installed on the UW-Fox Valley campus electronic billboards during the exhibition screen/ing (solo) March 22 - May 5 2017.

We learn the alphabet so we can read. We read information published on a medium - books, screens, billboards, notes. Reading means we're not interacting directly with a person, hearing their voice, taking in their gestures.

We remember something is created when it breaks.

Why a brokenAlphabet? You and I use our vocabulary to communicate (like this). Computers are programmed with language possessing regular vocabulary, syntax, grammar. Language works when all parties share a vocabulary of expected meaning, when behaviors, gestures, and known history align with conveyed text in that shared vocabulary.

The brokenAlphabet clips are the result of manipulating video codec. Broken or altered rules of video manufacture make fractured illusions.

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