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This morning I spent some time at the Milwaukee Zen Center. After morning meditation and work, we had lunch. Its so simple to sit and eat together, and share perspectives. While this unfolded I kept thinking about how America is not a problem to be solved, nor are the American people.

Our lunch table conversation differed so from what unfolds in social media. The shallowness of the internet conversation, the need for the immediate solution. News media has fractured – if you have different politics than your friends, you will see a very different news world online. We have lost the Edward R. Murrow perspective.

Who is the author of the single narrative that explains us to ourselves?

This afternoon I thought about how to return to this funding activity. And the thing I was hiding – the artist-dialogue around [ send and receive ] and why I think its important to make this work – well, no time like the present.

The communication process is depicted as a circular flow chart to depict constant movement between the sender and receiver. If the process is disrupted, it is usually due to interference in the communication channel between sender and receiver. – source

[ send and receive ] will have multiple screens. One on a monitor just outside the door of the gallery, one inside the gallery, and one on the internet. If you’re standing in the door at that monitor, you’ll be able to see the people texting or sending photos to the big screen in the gallery. And unseen by any parties on the ground will be the internet view.

When a person texts or sends a photo to the screen, most of the time they will show up, and most of the time they will be legible. This is where the glitch comes in. Will it be visible on-screen? Perhaps –

Please share the Kicksarter page link – [ ] – to help me meet my goal. I have 6 days to climb another 2/3 of the way to $1850.

Ever grateful for your help ~


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Jessica Fenlon

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