photos : the Post-Apocalyptic Movie Theater – Gooski’s 7.24.2010

The first three stills sketch out the setup.

The remaining six were taken during the course of the screening – work by Matt Wellins, Ben Hernstrom, and myself are represented in these six stills.

The installation is projected in the natural space. The back wall of Gooski’s back room has a reflective quality, visible electrical outlets, and some graffiti.

The PostApocalyptic Movie Theater created a beautiful environment to inhabit. There were some threatening moments, as in Mr. Hernstrom’s datamoshed stuff, but the show was really about beauty. I screened mostly atmospheric works that captured particular moments and moods here in Pittsburgh, punctuated with pure abstraction (Wellins) and narrative humor (Files, from the 2006 Braddock Film Frenzy! film production challenge weekend).

Attentive, small audience, as I have become accustomed to for this experimental work. Thanks so much to Susan Constanse for the invitation to create the work. Thanks ever so much to Billy Wright for being the essential chauffeur – the work couldn’t have happened without his assistance.

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