“Chicago Metra Number Station” live at Dada Sounds project

Cities & Memory maps the sounds of the world through discrete online projects. I created “Chicago Metra Number Station” for their Dada Sounds project. Artists were invited to remix field recordings of mapped locations, using DaDa-esque apporaches.

My 3-track project is included with 76 other artists, and it is live! Explore the map to hear field recordings. Explore the playlist to hear how 77 artists employed DaDaist approaches to sound-spaces fromVietnam to India to Britain & 25 other countries!

Look for the pieces labelled “Chicago Metra – ” in the playlist to hear mine [ Chuck Mix, Sapling Mix, Fontana Mix ]. I think my favorite creation so far is “Ssa-ha-la (Margate’s reimagined gulls)” but there’s so much to hear – –


Dada Shareable_1