vintage love poem : the poem that is a paper airplane

the poem that is a paper airplane

i pulled this sheet from the envelope of my bed
made this paper airplane of a love poem for you

it floats above heads
above the back rows of
English class
vulnerable as I was
at fifteen

i tack a paper clip to its
snub – it falls


nosedives perfect
onto the open pages of the
book you’re reading
hands curled around the real words
nested inside the textbook

you startle out of that

look around

i hide my giveaway blush by
studiously examining the
bulletin board away from you

you wonder
which one did it



* * * * *

collected in spiritual side effects (2008, 6 gallery press)

the bling poem

So far, two of my 30/30 poems are video clips. Animations. It is a puzzle, keeping the text as the focus, playing with the tension of moving text and moving image.

When I make performance works of poetry reading combined with backing film and audio sketches, they work in a much more complex and fluid way than these videos. The bling poem is fixed, for one thing – its like an in-print, book publication. Performances shift and change, they take the audience elsewhere. Since they cannot be replicated, there’s an electricity present . . . mm.

April 12 : rationalization

April 11 : honeytongue

Bling poems because the words are given the bling of movement, color, illustration, imaginary context. The words are dressed.

Most of the poems I’m publishing at my tumblr I’m posting as photos. tumblr has the worst text editing markup management system of all time, at least for me. One has almost no control over how the text looks. That’s dissatisfying.

There is nothing more fruitless than having a work process argue back with me. At times, discoveries are made during the workarounds.

Poetry begins as a series of images; poetry is the most synaesthetic of forms. When the words lock together into the right combination of sound and meaning and the images invoked parade past in an imagined slide show . . .