seedthoughts about making art

art is not an argument

if we are constantly storifying the experience, where does the experience go

we live receiving an overload of signal stream which bears the imprint of truth [ as a re-presentation of some other experience ] we are only experiencing our own projections on to the information carried on the signal stream [ is the signal stream truth ]

the little girl presses her hands to the television glass, to the static. They're here.

we live receiving an overload of signal carrying the polyphony of many perspectives [ in the past the history-making voice claimed singular events ] [ i have sorted my personal epistemology ] how do we express a collective epistemology [ how do we reconcile discordant perspectives so nation-states can remain soverign and stabile and we can have our disparate perspectives ]

as too much sound makes us deaf to what we need to hear by eclipsing single voices, information overload creates a deafness to particular lines of thought

art is not an argument

in a high definition world, ambiguity terrifies [ i don't want knowledge, i want certainty ]

art made with technology [ esp. tech carrying glitches / behaving brokenly ] a safe zone for examining humanity's toxicity and violence [ what we break ] [ what we have broken ] a safe zone for considering the direct evidence of a horror-filled past recorded and archived on our technology

[ how do we make stay connected to a world where our own violence and horrors make the world a place easy to judge and dismiss ] how can we dismiss the world we have made and continue to live in it, and live well in it ~

if we are constantly storifying the experience, are we turning experience into currency

art is not an argument

image and word and sound-phoneme are related in language comprehension